Bankroll-Loan portfolio, savings, shares and real estate Information Management System

    Currently, Lumpsum Technologies Ltd develops supports and markets a banking platform called Bankroll. It is used by Traders, Microfinance institutions, SACCOs and Money lenders. Institutions are licensed to use bankroll, and this license expires in 12 months from the payment date.

    General Features

    i) Pass money from the chief cashier to the
        petty cashier and vice versa.
    ii) Reduce the bank balance and increase cash
        and vice versa.
    Iii) And any other entry.



    Why acquire Bankroll?

    • Bankroll is web/network based and it gives you unlimited users per branch.
    • It is user friendly.
    • It is affordable
    • It is configurable and flexible.
    • It gives you real value for money!
    • It is highly customizable. We ask new clients to let us know how they would like certain features to work and we then add a new setting in the system.


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