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Lumpsum Technologies Ltd (LTL) is a company registered in Uganda to provide Information technology services and products.

It was formed in January 2017 to develop, support and market relevant ICT solutions, especially for the financial industry.

This was after carrying out a study and it was discovered that

i.)  Software used in most financial institutions is quite expensive and that small and medium sized financial institutions do not have the funds to acquire such expensive software. The product acquisition and licensing modal must be friendly to both small and large clients.

ii.) Most software set a limit on the number of users.

iii.) SME Financial institutions have different needs. Some have branches across the country and others are small with one or two branches. It is important to provide software which is highly customizable and meets all needs of each client.

iv.) Software available on the market is quite complex, very difficult to use and generally not user-friendly. Institutions invest a lot of money in training employees on how to use such software. A very light and simplified product is very easy to use.


To develop, market, supply and support to clients the most relevant ICT Solutions.


To be the leading providers of the best Software services in Uganda and the rest of Africa


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