Bankroll Software

  • It is a product of Lumpsum Technologies Ltd.
  • It is used by Traders, Microfinance institutions, SACCOs and Money lenders.
  • It has Property Rent module which can be used by individuals or institutions to manage commercial houses (rentals) or any other property rent.

General Features

i) Pass money from the chief cashier to the
    petty cashier and vice versa.
ii) Reduce the bank balance and increase cash
    and vice versa.
Iii) And any other entry.

Integration with third party systems

  • There is an API (Application Programming Interface)
  • It is possible to integrate Bankroll with other systems such as ATM, and any other.
  • A smart phone APP is available.
  • Bankroll is already integrated with Mobile money
  • Bankroll sends SMS alerts
  • Clients can do internet banking i.e. savings, loans and shares statements, loan repayment, savings deposits by way of mobile money transfer, etc.

Payment Modes

  • Cash
  • Bank transfer
  • Cheque
  • Savings transfer

Financial reports

  • Trial balance
  • Balance sheet
  • Income and expenditure report
  • Cash flow statement
  • Cash transactions report
  • Till sheet

Report Formats

  • PDF
  • Excel
  • CSV
  • Rich Text Format
  • And other formats


    • Receipt sizes supported include:
      i) Rolls with carbon copies
      ii)         A4 size
      iii)        A5 size
    Generated at:
    Savings deposit, savings withdrawal, savings transfer, Loan repayment, loan disbursement, shares purchase, buying back of shares.


  • Bankroll gives user access rights and each user has an encrypted Password.
  • There is an audit trail. Bankroll can track who logged in ,when and which menu items were accessed by that user
  • All financial transactions are recorded by date of entry and by user.
  • All configuration changes are also tracked.
  • There is backup
  • There is day closure, monthly closure and yearly closure.
  • Bankroll can be configured to disable all users once the administrator or any other configured role has signed out.
  • Deployed with SSL to have end to end encryption.



  • Individual clients
  • A group can have no or any number of members
  • Each group member is also an individual client
  • Bio data is captured. Includes Photo, Signature, Identification documents, Next of kin, etc.
  • Client data can be updated.
  • Before a client transacts, their bio data must be existing in the system.

Client Reports

  • Client transactions report. Shows all loans, savings accounts and shares of the selected client.
  • Individual clients report
  • Group clients report
  • Group members report
  • Blacklisted clients report
  • Client names audit report
  • And other reports


  • Shares purchase
  • Buying back of shares. Shares redemption reserve is required.
  • Automatic and manual dividends calculation
  • By shares from savings
  • Shares transactions report
  • Shares statement
  • Shares balances report
  • And others


  • Chart of accounts
  • Day closure, Month closure, Year closure
  • Asset register
  • Asset depreciation
  • Issue and receive payment to/from debtor
  • Register credit invoices and payments.
  • It is possible to buy goods or assets on credit.
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Budgeting
  • Payroll

Property Rent Module

  • Allocate rental space to tenant
  • Issue invoice to tenant
  • Payment received from tenant
  • Rent in arrears report
  • Rent paid report
  • Tenant statement
  • Rent ageing analysis
  • Delete rent transaction


A client is a assigned a savings account
For groups, if tracking is at group level, transactions are not linked to any member.

If tracking is at member level, each transaction is linked to a member. A report    is run to show   savings of each member in the group. Savings Deposits, Withdrawals, transfers

  1. Loan repayment from savings
  2. Charge the account e.g. fees, annual subscription, etc
  3. Reward the account e.g. bonus
  4. Fixed deposits
  5. Overdrafts
  6. Standing orders
  7. Calculation of savings interest.
  8. Approval withdrawals above cashier limit
  9. Savings statement
  10. Savings balances report
  11. Savings transactions report
  12. Group members savings reports
    -statement for each member
     -balances of each member
    -transactions of each member
  13. And many other reports (log into the system to see)


Each loan is assigned a loan number

  1. Loan process
    i) Loan application
    ii)         Loan approval
    iii)        Loan disbursement
    iv)  Recoveries (repayments)
  2. There are three levels of loan approval.
  3. For group loans, if tracking is at group level, loans are not linked to any member. If tracking is at member level, each loan is linked to a member. A report is run to show loans of each member in the group.
  4. Automatic and manual penalty calculation
  5. Loan restructuring and refinance (topup)
  6. Loan reschedule
  7. Loan provision and write off
  8. Transfer portfolio from one credit officer to another
  9. Public holidays are optional but supported in the system.
  10. When the system generates a loan schedule, it skips public holidays if they are enabled.
  11. Loan guarantors and collatel are captured at entry of loan application.
  12. The user attaches documents to each loan. E.g. pictures of collatel, Identification documents and pictures, loan contracts, etc.
  13. In case the user makes an error, another user with rights to modify transactions does the correction.
  14. Modifications and deletions are enabled and rights are assigned accordingly.

Portfolio reports

  • Loan ledger card
  • Portfolio at risk
  • Aging analysis
  • Outstanding balances report
  • Credit officers active portfolio
  • Disbursement report
  • Loan approval report
  • List of Loans
  • Repayment reports

And many others (Log into Bankroll and check)

Group Loans – Members’ Reports

  • Group members loan ledger
  • Group members outstanding balances
  • Group members loan arrears
  • Group members loan disbursements
  • Group members loan repayments
  • Group members loan amount
  • Credit officers group members active portfolio
  • Loan and savings collection sheet

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